The Sidebar refers to the right menu that you can find in the room, this is generally a good place to communicate with the attendees of an event.
For instance at Livestorm we use this area to put the native Chat, Polls and Questions.



This allows you to declare your Sidebar application.
Calling this method will add your app to the "Apps" menu of the room.


Once a person clicks on your app in the menu it will activate the template property.

use cases : chat, survey, file sharing, polls, questions

usage :

const app = await Sidebar.registerPanel({
   label: 'Handouts',
   imageSource: 'https://url/logo.png',
   darkImageSource: 'logo.png',
   slug: 'handouts',
   template: '<p>{{ content }}</p>',
   variables: { content: 'hello' },
   onMessage: (message) => {
       // Do something when using `postMessage({ foo: 'bar' })` from within the template
   onClose: () => {
       // Do something when the sidebar panel is closed
   onMinimize: () => {
       // Do something when the sidebar panel is minimized

app.sendMessage({ foo: 'bar' }) // The message can be caught in the template using `window.addEventListener('message', () => {})`
labelstringThe name of your sidebar app, will show in the menu
slugstringThe slug that will be used in the URL when the sidebar panel is opened
imageSourcestringThe logo of your sidebar app
darkImageSourcestringThe light version of your logo, will be displayed in the menu which has dark background. Defaults to imageSource if not specified
templatestringThe HTML content you want to display in the modal (can contain CSS or JS)
variablesHashHash of variables you can interpolate into the HTML template
onMessageFunctionFunction called whenever the postMessage({}) function is called within the HTML
onCloseFunctionFunction called whenever the sidebar panel is closed
onMinimizeFunctionFunction called whenever the sidebar panel is minimized



focusvoidFocus your app
sendMessageObjectSends a message to the app's template, can be caught using window.addEventListener('message', () => {})
removevoidRemove the app from the sidebar
setNotificationCountnumberDisplay a related notification badge in apps menu
clearNotificationCountvoidRemove the related notification badge in apps menu