Room Plugins Open In Beta

We're excited to announce that the beta of the plugins feature opens this week! Developers will be able to enrich their own organization's room experience by building custom plugins. It only takes a few lines of code to open custom modals, register button actions, or write messages in the chat!

New Duplicate Event Endpoint

A few months ago, we released an endpoint that lets Livestorm customers schedule new sessions for a given event (the POST /events/{id}/session endpoint). One of the most requested features since then has been to be able to create new parent events from the API. We're happy to announce that this is now possible!

New Rate Limit Headers for 429 Errors

Hi! Just some quick news about something that has been released today for the API.

Livestorm's API is Now Public!

We're pleased to say that Livestorm's API is now public! 🎉