Ajouter une personne à une session

Bonjour, Dès lors que je tente d'ajouter une personne, j'ai l'erreur suivante : [title] => Missing Parameter [detail] => The required parameter, data, is missing. [code] => 106 [status] => 400 Voici les données envoyées : {"data":{"type":"people","attributes":{"fields":[{"id":"first_name","value":"John"},{"id":"last_name","value":"Doe"},{"id":"email","value":"[email protected]"}],"referrer":"","utm_source":"","utm_medium":"","utm_term":"","utm_content":"","utm_campaign":""}}}


I am using the people sessions endpoint with the following template url:{sessionid}/people?page%5Bnumber%5D=2&page%5Bsize%5D=100 I am receiving the error response "title":"Invalid page value", "detail":"2 is not a valid value for number page parameter.", "code":"118", "status":"400" If I use page 1, the response works fine but if I change it to 2, it fails. If I send page 2 surrounded in quotes, it returns page 1. I am using a PHP endpoint created by concatenating the initial endpoint string up to people, adding a question mark and concatenating http_build_query(array) to the end $endpoint = $endpoint . http_build_query($this->queryString); Please can you let me know what query string is expected as I am getting the same response on the docs page by filling in 100 for size and 2 for number

Sondage modal centrée avec choix d'afficher ou pas les résultats

Bonjour Jean-Noël, Les sondages actuels s’affichent par dessus l’encart de chat ce qui le masque totalement. Nous souhaitons avoir l’affichage des sondages en popup (modal) centré sur l’encart de la vidéo. De plus nous souhaitons avoir le choix d’afficher ou non les résultats des sondages dans cette même popup aux personnes y ayant répondu. Je suis preneur de toutes informations pouvant m'aider à son développement ne se trouvant pas dans la documentation.

The livestorm conf file is missing

Bonjour, J'ai une erreur dans le SDK : \livestorm>livestorm watch test Will publish to test, waiting for file change... Updating plugin . The livestorm conf file is missing. Pouvez-vous m'aider svp ? Cordialement, Olivier

workspace blocked

Hi guys, i am facing a problem regarding livestrom api token. when i out request it gives me 403 error says " your api access to your workspace is blocked" can you help me please. FYI: it is a test account for my organization

Questions about API token.

Hey guys, can you help me with a little problem I'm facing with the livestorm api token? When I make the requests, the API returns the 403 error of blocked workspace but when I test the ping request it works... Do you know what this could be and how to fix it? Request: URL: Method: GET Authorization: {Api_Token} Response: 403

Creating a new registrant from Facebook Leads

Hi there, I try to have a new registrant added to a session after he filled out a facebook leadform. So I make a POST Request to{id}/people To try out I just added the sample code from the API reference but I keep hitting the error message: "[400] Title: Missing Parameter, Detail: The required parameter, data, is missing., Status: 400" Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? { "data": { "type": "people", "attributes": { "fields": [{ "id": "first_name", "value": "Jean-Baptiste" }, { "id": "last_name", "value": "Smith" }, { "id": "email", "value": "[email protected]" } ] } } }

JSON structure of webhook

I just received a webhook for session.end but the structure of the JSON I received is quite different from the one in the documentation. There's no `data` key, instead it's `webinar`. There is no `attributes`. It looks like it's a different program that created that data. Maybe it's because I setup the webhook from the web ui and not from the api..?

Can I find the status of emails sent to a participant in the API?

Hi there, I would like to track the status of emails sent to participants of an event (especially for an email sent after a session), but I can't find any information related to the emails, for example in the session details ( Is this kind of data available somewhere via the API? Thanks a lot for your help Grégoire

Getting a "Internal error" while posting new event

Hi, I'm getting an error while posting a new event through API. This is the payload: ``` {'data': {'attributes': {'title': 'TEST 123', 'description': '<p>Questo è un test ma la descrizione deve essere breve.</p>'}, 'type': 'events'}} ``` As you can see there's an "è" that seems to crash the request: I get a 500 error with an html page. I tried to use HTML entities, but then I had an 422 Unprocessable Entity error saying "1:19: FATAL: Entity 'egrave' not defined". I hope you can look into this and sort it out. Let me know if you need more details!