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Authentification sample

Hi, Not sure if I'm in the right place to ask this (newbie request) but I'm stuck testing an API token I've generated with the sample provided in the documentation :perplexe: (hey... I could have failed generating the token, at least, one step passed ...) I keep getting a 404 error with. the Test Authentification sample <> (both with Header and OAuth2 authentification) - am I not supposed to copy/paste an API token with the right permissions in the AUTHORIZATION field ? I am missing something obvious, right ? Thanks for your help :) \+camille

Regression on January 1st 2024 - "next_page" doesn't exist

Hello ! We have noticed an issue since January 1st 2024 (really just past midnight). We didn't change anything on our side that's why we are wondering if there is a change on yours. We basically call the following endpoint to retrieve the upcoming sessions : GET <> This endpoint returns a response containing a `next_page: 1` as defined in the documentation: <>. However when we call again the same endpoint but providing the page number: <> we got the following error: `{"errors":[{"title":"Invalid page value","detail":"1 is not a valid value for number page parameter.","code":"118","status":"400"}]}` It looks like the first call is returning a page that doesn't exist. Could you please confirm us if something on your side has been noticed / changed that could explain this error ? Thank you

API Key for HubSpot Integration

Hello, I would like to connect a HubSpot Form to a LiveStorm Webinar. I am following the steps from this documentation. However, I am stuck in the API step, which is pasting my Livestorm API Key: <,Filters%2C%20then%20click%20on%20Save>. Here is the event ID we are trying to integrate into the workflow: **(ID removed for privacy reasons)** It says on this documentation that we will need to generate a public API. However it is unclear if what the permissions should be for our goals. The GIF shows that the permissions are: Identity: Read Events: Write Admin: Read Webhooks: Read However, I want to make sure that what's in the GIF is what we will use. I also want to make sure that for future webinars, can we use the same Public API? Thanks so much!

Error 500

Hi I try to get the list of my events here : <> I use my api token. The connexion test returns 200. But the get_events returns 500 ... Same inside my php code. This code have been working form many years now, so I don't understand what's hapening now.

Can we get the list of "Blocked" users ?

Hi ! As a pharmaceutical laboratory, we have many regulatory constraints. For example, we have to check that people accessing our webinars are in fact entitled to the veterinary drug, i.e. veterinarians registered with the Order. We carry out a manual check, then block access to those who don't have the rights (via the "exclude" function in Livestorm). Via API, can you tell us how to retrieve the list of blocked persons? Attribute in "people attribute"? Thanks by advance

get custom registrant field with the api

hello, i have add a "company name" filed on my registration form but i cant see this fied with webhook (trying to connect livestorm & pipedrive with make...) cyril

Owner_id value for event creation

I have a question regarding the API request parameters. I need to create event in livestorm using API. When I make a request through the API, I receive the following response: {"errors":\[{"title":"Missing Parameter","detail":"The required parameter, owner_id, is missing.","code":"106","status":" message Could you please provide guidance on where I can obtain the **owner_id** parameter?

Event category/topic

Hello, is there a way to assign a category to an event? This would allow use to sort our events by topic. Many thanks Fabienne

plugin not available in chatroom after being deployed

hey everyone, I am following the steps exactly as mentioned in the plugin tutorial <> Trying to build "embed-site-via-chat" example from this repo <> The plugin builds and publishes to production alright, but its not available in webinar chat window at all. When typing "/url" in the chatbox it shows "no commands available". Please advise if there are any workarounds. Thanks ![screenshot](

The email is invalid. It seems undeliverable

hi I need some help with my email,I use to have no problem registering for a webinar,now it won’t let me,it keeps say this ,the email is invalid and It seems undeliverable. I been going through ,the health sciences This is my primary email I been using for 9 years, [email protected] Thank you for your help,Harry