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Welcome to Livestorm's developer hub β€” the place to learn everything about Livestorm's platform services dedicated to developers. Build apps on top of Livestorm. Automate processes or deliver value to your customers by integrating with Livestorm.

Types of apps

πŸ”Œ API-based integration🧩 Room pluginπŸ“£ Webhook subscription
To automate processes, events scheduling, generate or qualify leads, and generate business intelligence reports.
Get started with the REST API β†’
To extend the room experience and add custom interactions during live or on-demand events for your attendees and moderators.
Get started with plugins β†’
To listen for events that occur on your Livestorm account in real-time.
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Apps status

App typeApp description
πŸ” Private appDevelop custom apps for your own Livestorm workspace using our API and webhooks. Automate internal processes, develop custom registration forms, showcase your list of upcoming Livestorm events on your website, or send your analytics data to your own business intelligence data-lake.
Get started with our guides on the API and webhooks β†’
🀝 Public appBuild publicly-listed apps with Livestorm. Seamlessly deliver additional value to your customers who have a Livestorm account and reach new engagement levels. Run co-marketing initiatives with our team to showcase your public app to mutual customers and prospects. For more information about our Technology Partner Program, drop us an email at [email protected].

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