About the Marketplace

Discover what is Livestorm Marketplace

What is the Livestorm Marketplace?

The Livestorm Marketplace is a platform that allows Livestorm customers to install integrations built with a 3rd-party that extend both capabilities of what a user can do with Livestorm. If you build an integration with us, this is where people will be able to search for and find it.

All integrations that are listed and installable in the Marketplace are referred to as "apps" or "integrations".

Why publish your integration in the Marketplace?

Publishing an app in our Marketplace allows it to be visible to the thousands of users that engage with Livestorm events each month, so there’s a lot of potential. In addition, newly published apps receive preliminary marketing from our end with the potential for additional co-marketing (dependent on additional factors). Below are some of the actions we typically undertake to educate our users about you and the app you've built.

  • We list your app in our public website marketplace, including at least 1 link to your website.
  • We might include your integration in our "product updates" communication.
  • We can announce your app on our social media and run co-marketing initiatives
  • There are many other possibilities we can unlock together!

Trying to figure out what to build? Check out our use cases for inspiration!

Want to create your own?

Great! They are 3 main steps to create your integration:

  1. First fill this quick form to let us know you want to join to become a Technology Partner and build an integration with us.
  2. After a first exchange with the Livestorm Team, it's time to build technically the integration on your side. You will need to provide your redirection URL, a logo and the scope (everything is explained here). Learn more about creating an integration with OAuth2.0 in general here.
  3. When the integration is built, it's time to be listed publicly on our Marketplace. You should provide us info about your integration compliant with our marketplace requirements. Check here to see the requirements and elements you have to provide.