Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Livestorm CLI allows you to publish and more generally manage your plugin lifecycle.


In order to install the Livestorm CLI, you need to have a recent NodeJS installation.

yarn global add @livestorm/cli




$ livestorm create

Generate a new plugin. The command will allow you to configure your newly created plugin.

Most of the configuration keys you set during the configuration will be set into the environments.json file which you can edit later on.

This command will ask you for an API token which you can obtain following this guide.

$ livestorm publish <environment?>

Publish your plugin to the given environment name.
The environment you provide references the name of an environment defined in the environments.json file.

If you do not provide the environment option, the command will try to publish to an env named development.

Follow this guide dedicated to managing environments for more information.

$ livestorm watch <environment?>

Republish your plugin to the given environment every time you make a change in your code.

Since your plugin will be updated regularly we do not recommend watching production environments.

$ livestorm review

Ask Livestorm for a review. It can be used for multiple purposes such as: publishing your plugin to our marketplace, accessing private APIs, unlocking specific access (allow-same-origin), etc.
Learn more about the review process here.

$ livestorm remove <environment>

Unpublish the plugin from the given environment.

$ livestorm asset <file|directory>

Upload a file or directory and return a URL that can be used in your code.

You can use it as a source for <img or <video or even as a source for fonts or any kind of file that your plugin might need.

The URL is persisted and can be used as a long-term storage mean.
The size limit of a single file is 8MB.

$ livestorm list --environment <environment>

Get a list of all the plugins published on the given environment.

$ livestorm list --api-token <token>

Get a list of all the plugins published on the organization linked with the given api token.

$ livestorm help

Get a list of the commands you can use.

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