Plugins Development course

This course covers the essential foundations required for developing beautiful and interesting plugins on Livestorm.

Getting Started

Let's start this course by understanding what plugins are and how we can setup our environment to begin building our plugin.

This video provides an overview on how plugins work and loaded into the room, provide insight into the variety of possibilities available and help you install the prerequisites required for plugin development. We will then build and publish our very first plugin on a Livestorm workspace.

Using the APIs

With our first plugin published and an understanding of plugins, this video dives into the diverse set of APIs made available by the plugins SDK allowing you to interact with various elements in the Room and create custom features and panels based on the requirements of your plugin.

This part further demonstrates these APIs being used in an actual scenario by developing a plugin that lets users send GIFs in the chat.


Creating complex plugins with different pages and components might be complicated if these needed to be included into the code of the plugin's logic. As such, the plugins SDK supports the use of templates allowing you to add HTML content inside a modal, a stream, or a chat message.

This section discusses how to create and integrate such templates in your plugins. It covers the importing of HTML files, variable management, static assets and tips towards creating a clean UI.

Feel free to further take a look at our UI kit to facilitate the creation of core design elements including buttons, forms and text being aligned with the Livestorm Room design patterns.