Register a new participant for a session (either an external registrant or internal team member).


This endpoint requires the events:write scope.

How to use this endpoint

This endpoint lets you create new registrants for one of your upcoming event sessions. Make sure to fill in the email, which is the only mandatory field to register someone through the API.

How to provide the avatar of a registrant

In order to provide the avatar of a registrant, you can specify a public URL towards an image file. Livestorm accepts PNG, JPG and JPEG files.

How to fill custom fields

When registering someone for an event session, his or her fields need to be provided as an array of id / value pairs. Don't forget to provide the fields that have been configured for the session's event in its "Registration" settings page! But keep in mind that the only required field is email.
Single-select custom field values need to be sent as regular strings, whereas multi-select custom fields need to be sent as an array of strings. Here's an example of a payload:

  "data": {
    "type": "people",
    "attributes": {
      "fields": [
          "id": "email",
          "value": "[email protected]"
          "id": "first_name",
          "value": "John"
          "id": "last_name",
          "value": "Doe"
          "id": "favorite_colors",
          "value": ["green"]
          "id": "department",
          "value": "marketing"
      "referrer": "",
      "utm_source": "Twitter",
      "utm_medium": "Feed",
      "utm_campaign": "Summer",
      "utm_term": "",
      "utm_content": ""


Beware of rate limits

If you're using this endpoint to create multiple registrants at the same time, don't forget that Livestorm's API rate limits you to send up to 5 requests per second. In this case, we advise you to limit the number of calls per second.

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