List all the sessions of an event.


This endpoint requires the events:read or events:write scopes.

This endpoint can be used to list down all past and future Sessions of a given Event. Here are the filters that can be used:


You can filter the event's sessions by their status, which can be one of these items

  • upcoming: all upcoming sessions for this event
  • live: all live sessions
  • on_demand: all ongoing on-demand sessions
  • past: all past sessions, e.g those which already took place
  • past_not_started: all past sessions which never started
  • canceled: all canceled sessions
  • draft: all draft sessions

filter[date_from] and filter[date_from]

These two filters can be used to only select sessions' which estimated_started_at attribute started before or after the specified date. The chosen date can either be a UNIX timestamp or an ISO-8601 date.


Finally, you can choose to add related children objects to the returned payload, including the actual Event and the list of People of each session.


Warning on 'include' statements

Be cautious about the include statement. If you include the people related to each session, the returned payload can be quite large, thus leading to high response times from the API, and might even time out if there are too many participants!

→ If you need to fetch the full list of participants for large events, please use the GET /sessions/{id}/people endpoint instead, which is paginated.

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