New Bulk Registration API Endpoint

Weโ€™re thrilled to announce the launch of our new bulk registration endpoint that lets you register multiple participants at the same time, instead of having to register them individually. This new POST /sessions/:id/people/bulk endpoint is based on an asynchronous, job-based mechanism:

  • Subscribe to our new job.created and job.ended webhook triggers to be automatically informed when your jobs start/end.
  • Use the POST /sessions/:id/people/bulk endpoint to start importing a batch of registrants.
  • Optionally use the GET /jobs/:id endpoint to poll the latest status of your bulk registration job.
  • Be informed when your job ends with the jobs.ended webhook trigger.
  • Use the GET /jobs/:id/tasks endpoint to retrieve the status of each individual task, along with the actual data of each successful registrant.

Check this new endpoint here โ†’

Happy coding!

The Livestorm developer relationship team