New "people.watched_replay" webhook

We’re excited to announce that we’re opening a new webhook made to be notified when a someone watches the replay of a session.

The webhook is called people.watched_replay and you'll find here the full details about the payload.

Important elements to keep in mind:

  • The webhook is triggered for any event (with the "on-demand" option enabled or not) as soon as a registrant watches the video.
  • You should filter on the key "scheduling_status" of the event (which gonna be at "on_demand") to check if the event video watched is on-demand.
  • You should use the "watched_at" JSON key in the "replay_view_detail" JSON object to know when the video was watched.
  • The webhook subscription (create, list or delete) is managed with our usual endpoints. Check the API reference for more details about the webhook endpoints.

Happy coding,
The Livestorm developer relationship team