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Regression on January 1st 2024 - "next_page" doesn't exist

Hello !

We have noticed an issue since January 1st 2024 (really just past midnight). We didn't change anything on our side that's why we are wondering if there is a change on yours.

We basically call the following endpoint to retrieve the upcoming sessions : GET

This endpoint returns a response containing a next_page: 1 as defined in the documentation:

However when we call again the same endpoint but providing the page number: we got the following error:

{"errors":[{"title":"Invalid page value","detail":"1 is not a valid value for number page parameter.","code":"118","status":"400"}]}

It looks like the first call is returning a page that doesn't exist.

Could you please confirm us if something on your side has been noticed / changed that could explain this error ?

Thank you