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API Key for HubSpot Integration



I would like to connect a HubSpot Form to a LiveStorm Webinar. I am following the steps from this documentation. However, I am stuck in the API step, which is pasting my Livestorm API Key:,Filters%2C%20then%20click%20on%20Save.

Here is the event ID we are trying to integrate into the workflow: (ID removed for privacy reasons)

It says on this documentation that we will need to generate a public API. However it is unclear if what the permissions should be for our goals. The GIF shows that the permissions are:

Identity: Read

Events: Write

Admin: Read

Webhooks: Read

However, I want to make sure that what's in the GIF is what we will use. I also want to make sure that for future webinars, can we use the same Public API?

Thanks so much!