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Configure Headers for Webhook request being sent

I have configured Webhook to send a notification my one of my mockserver when an event ends. It is working perfectly fine. However for it work with the integration platform it requires couple of headers for authentication.
I am not able to figure out where to configure header information for the request being sent from Livestorm to our integration platform. As the integration platform will reject the message if it does not contain client_id and client_secret in its header.

Please see below for the default headers received when used mockserver

x-forwarded-for: "xxxxxxxxx"
x-forwarded-proto: "xxxxxxxxx"
x-forwarded-port: "xxxxxxxxx"
host: ""
x-amzn-trace-id: "Root=1-636b3254-09f4808e239a39915ade73c2"
content-length: "91186"
content-type: "application/json"
user-agent: "Faraday v1.0.1"
accept-encoding: "gzip;q=1.0,deflate;q=0.6,identity;q=0.3"
accept: "/"
x-datadog-trace-id: "1931447145563837"
x-datadog-parent-id: "214714226957904"
x-datadog-sampling-priority: "0"