New POST /events, PUT, and PATCH /events/{id} Endpoints


We’re excited to announce a few improvements to Livestorm’s public API that have been requested for a long time. Creating and updating your events just got way easier!

Creating events

First off, the event creation endpoint — POST /events — has been revamped and is now easier to use, and offers a broader set of parameters that can be customized. You can now choose your event’s status (whether draft or published), description, recording permissions, speaking permissions, registration pages and company page preferences, and whether the chat, polls, and questions tabs should be enabled during the event!
Check the documentation here →

Updating events

Additionally, you can now update your events using the PUT and PATCH /events/{id} endpoint, if you need to update your event status, title, or customise its various settings.
Check the documentation here →


In a few weeks from now, you’ll be able to delete your events and cancel your event sessions, as well as registering your Livestorm team members to your upcoming events. Stay tuned!